Our Values, Skills & Visions

Who are we ?

B & S Wood is mainly a trader, supplier and distributor of wood, veneer and a wide range of interior design and decoration products.

B & S Wood is focused on innovation by meeting the needs of wood professionals, consultants and architects.

B & S Wood positions itself as a rising market reference for wood and veneer suppliers with a stock of wide range of products, outstanding service and unique expertise reinforced by a strong network of international partners.

B & S Wood tries to grow its reputation in the marketplace mainly by sourcing the best value for money and the constant search for innovative products.

The activity of B & S Wood

The Company “B & S Wood” tends to be an influential player in the import and trading of a wide range of products in the field of wood industry including in particular:
o The natural veneer
o red, hard and exotic woods
o MDF, HDF and particles panels : Available raw, laminated, veneered…
o Edging strip made of PVC & ABS
o Layering materials as CPL and HPL
o Hardware and accessories for furniture

Expansion of merchandises

B & S Wood has always been dedicated to expanding its product range to deliver original and innovative design solutions on the market while respecting the value for money balance.
In its continuous effort to grow through innovation, B & S Wood will be your partner-solution facing the challenges.

A network and efficient logistics platform

B & S Wood has extensive sales coverage through a network of contacts and business allowing it to conduct a proximity policy towards its customers giving them responsiveness and adaptability to their needs.

We are proud of our relationship with our business partners. We strive to understand and learn to improve service delivery and quality of our products.


Definition of sustainable forest management (PEFC)

“The management and use of forest land in a way and at a rate, that their biodiversity, productivity, regeneration capacity, vitality are able  to satisfy currently and in the future, the ecological, economic and social functions, at local, national and global levels without damaging the  other ecosystems. “

Our environmental commitment is a way of life, spread across all of our operations and the entire life cycle of our products.

The spirit of B & S Wood

Choosing a PEFC product means opting for the respect of the forest. This is why B & S Wood decided to work usually with PEFC or FSC certified suppliers. By building a partnership with a PEFC or FSC suppliers, we register the brand B & S Wood in a responsible trade approach.

Sans titre

Mission & Vision

Driven by excellence … conducted by values.

Mission :

Continue to provide our customers with the ultimate pioneering solutions through our continual search for the upcoming new innovation.

Vision :

Continue to grow as a trading company and first class distribution that provides excellent products incorporating value added service and expertise to ensure customer satisfaction.

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