MDF, HDF & particles panels

B & S Wood offers a wide range of particleboard and raw, laminated, waterproof or fireproof MDF panels as HDF panels that can meet all your accommodation needs, especially for the manufacture of interior furniture, kitchens and bathrooms, but also doors and closets or office furniture.

Our range of panels is also enriched by high pressure decorative laminated HPL panels that show unique characteristics of impact, scratch and heat resistance to be used for the manufacture of furniture, doors, worktops, but also “ready-made”.

Raw MDF :

In the furniture and design industry, MDF is playing an increasingly significant role among the wood products. Obtained from hot defibration of wood and subsequently mixed with glue and a catalyst, this panel is very versatile in its use and less expensive than solid wood. Raw, water repellent or fireproofed versions B & S Wood proposed in thicknesses ranging from 2 to 8 mm to 30 mm with an average density of 700 kg / m3.

Raw particleboard :

B & S Wood commercializes raw particleboard. Inexpensive and lightweight, this product is a must in carpentry, design or decoration. One can indeed easily stratify laminate or simply press it with a natural wood essence. In a word particle boards find their place everywhere.

Laminated MDF :

MDF coated on one or both sides of plain or decorated melamine sheets.  The MDF has a place in the interior joinery. Indeed, it combines the technical properties of MDF with a wide range of surfaces, designs, sizes and finishes highly prized by consumers.

Laminated particleboard :

Obtained from raw particleboard on which a melamine sheet is applied on one or both sides.

The particle board has become an essential product in carpentry and interior design. Kitchen cabinets, tables, cupboards, wall cladding …

We have access to a full range of colors, patterns and textures in order to meet the most demanding requirements.


These panels of high density fibers are characterized by a density of around 1000 kg / m3 and their production does not require glue; they are produced by wet process. These high-density wood fiber panels are merged to form a block obtained by thermoforming. This post-formed block offers a variety of decors, layouts and finishes.