Wood & natural veneer

B & S Wood has made of wood and veneer, the heart of business and positioned itself, from its inception as a safe standard for wood and veneer business.

In order to offer you  impeccable quality of wood, B & S Wood buys for you from the best international sawyers by fetching wood species around the world, including Spain, France, Portugal, Romania, Austria for the European continent; Canada, United States and Colombia for the Americas.

Thus B & S Wood, offers a broad range of products ranging from wood planks and boards made of pine for formwork, white and red wood for basic carpentry, to hardwoods such as Beech, Oak, without forgetting natural veneer eucalyptus, oak, Sapelli, wenge,…,

Radiata Pine :

Radiata pine is a very strong and economic wood enjoying a fresh light color. The Northen Spain radiata pine is growing at a very slow manner compared with the rest of his kind, offering us a product with a very good quality.
This product is used in:
– Building structures.
– The pallets for packaging.
– Elements for interior: windows, doors, frames, moldings, cabinetry…
– Other: plywood, planks for scaffolding, wood chips, paper products, particle board…

Hardwoods :

Especially beech and oak are essential for interior , exterior, manufacturing furniture and furnishings or arrangement carpentries . Very “trendy” in recent years.

These precious essences require great care and attention.

In stud, semi sharpened or heightened, rough sawn or planed, AD (Air Dry) or KD (Kiln Dry), B & S Wood has carefully selected brands and suppliers from the most renowned in the sawing of these “wood of the world.”

The systematic quality control we perform on batches before receiving guarantees you the best quality and always at the best price.

Natural veneer :

B & S Wood offers a wide range of natural veneers wood from around the world. This wide range is continuously adapted to market needs with colors ranging from light to dark.

The main veneers are:

light and medium colors :



Steamed Beech

Mogano (kaya)


Dark colors :